XHP Challenges Cancer Month

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xHockeyProducts™ will be showing it's support October and November through its Challenging Cancer initiatives. We will be teaming up with Hockey Achievements™, and all our Partners, to recognize everyone's efforts in fighting Cancer.

Challenging Cancer Months


For the month of October and November, xHockeyProducts and Hockey Achievements will be donating the following items whiles supplies last:
*Excludes Bauer, CCM, and hockey equipment products subject to MAP restrictions. Excludes team store apparel.

Skate Soaker

FREE on all qualifying orders between $150 - $249.99

Thank you for your support!

Pink Green Biscuit

FREE on all qualifying orders over $250.00

Thank you for your support!

Note: some products do not qualify for free gifts since they ship from a different warehouse location, or do not have space within their packaging to include the gifts. Simply add products to your cart, and if they qualify for FREE gifts, they will automatically add to your cart. Call us directly at 888-393-2008 with any questions.