• xGlide8 Goal Crease
  • xGlide8 Goal Crease
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xGlide8 Goal Crease

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The xSynthetic Ice xGlide8 Crease setup will provide you with an NHL regulation-size goal crease for your xGlide8 synthetic ice setup.  This xSynthetic Ice crease option is compatible with our xGlide8 xSynthetic Ice tiles and provides goalies a reference of their postion.


One xSynthetic Ice™ xGlide8 GOAL CREASE (NHL style).

  • Includes the equivalent of four (4) dark blue Goal Crease xGlide8 tiles (two full panels and 4 half tiles).
  • Each tile is 40.15in x 40.15in (102cm x 102cm).
  • This xGlide8 Crease setup is approximately 6.6 ft wide x 6.6 ft deep and is perfect to provide an authentic look to your xGlide8 synthetic ice setup (but it is not a large enough area for goalie training).
  • Note: pricing is shown as a blended cost per tile so you may obtain a shipping quote with other xGlide8 tiles upon checkout. The package cost will be 4 times the singe tile cost listed.
  • Watch the xSynthetic Ice Goalie Crease in action here!

Ideal application is on smooth, level surface such as concrete or wooden sub-floor.Ideal for both at-home and small commercial surfaces such as hockey development or figure skating practice surfaces. No special tools are required and anyone can install this surface!


xSynthetic Ice xGlide8 utilizes premium grade resins and quality presses to provide you with a superior consistent slick surface for the life of the product. Our xSynthetic Ice™ tiles are precisely machined to exact product specifications using computer controlled (CNC) machines to ensure a perfectly machined, high-performance skating surface. xSynthetic Ice™ xGlide8 is the perfect solution for any residential or small commercial application. These tiles offer superior glide properties and durability with glide enhancer infused throughout the entire thickness of the material.

Our xSynthetic Ice™ xGlide8 offers superior glide properties and durability with glide enhancer infused throughout the entire thickness of the material. Both silicone glide plus dry slip additives are combined with the raw material resulting in the longest glide and highest overall performing panel we've found on the market today. These innovations translate to make our xSynthetic Ice 20-30% faster than othter well-known brands for the entire life of the panel. Best of all, you don't have to deal with adding liquid glide. We designed the Synthetic Ice with a high molecular weight to ensure that skaters are able to edge into the product without ripping a massive gouge into it, or just sliding across it. Synthetic Ice must feel realistic in order to provide a skater with the confidence to perform manuvers they would on an ice rink. Our Very High Molecular Weight material delivers this to our customers.

Our xSynthetic Ice is a Sinter Pressed material which means less cleanup and a greater overall skating experience compared to the typical competitors extruded sheet material. xSynthetic Ice is designed to maintain its' superior glide properties and built to last. There is only ONE true synthetic ice skating efficiency test that ensures you are buying a high quality synthetic product. Most companies will cite the Coefficient of Friction (COF) tests to compare their product with refrigerated ice. This is not only a poor comparison – but it is also misleading to the consumer. COF tests are not made using a weighted skate blade – so why talk about them? Even the sellers of synthetic ice don’t understand this – so how can a consumer ever be expected to understand?

Our xSynthetic ice test using actual skates has proven to have on average, 30-40% less resistance than any competitor tested which provides you a BETTER product and an easier skating effort. Manufacturing standards based on DIN ISO 9001 ensure excellence in raw material consistency every time our panels are produced. This directly translates to a superior synthetic ice skating performance. Most sellers of synthetic ice have absolutely no idea where their raw materials come from. Some producers simply switch from one resin supplier to the next looking for the cheapest price. This can result in mixed resin batches that can produce inconsistent materials with various negative consequences over the short and long term of a product life. Our superior grade resin (raw material) ensures a consistent synthetic ice sheet every time. Due to our machining excellence, you receive a precise joint every time, which means uncompromised safety, and higher levels of product satisfaction. All of this translates to a more enjoyable and consistant skating experience.


Our xHockeyProducts Elite Series is comprised of products that prove superior in craftsmanship, materials, performance and durability when compared to other products within their respective categories. Elite Series products may not be the least expensive, but if your training requires elite-level performance and reliability you can rest assured knowing these products meet our professional standard. Look for the Elite Series designation...certified by xHockeyProducts!

  • Allows you to skate at home using real skates on the highest quality synthetic ice available.
  • Ideal for improving hockey skating, passing, shooting, goaltending skills or just leisure skating.
  • Proprietary dovetail pattern creates a smooth, trouble-free skating rink.
  • Perfect for goalie or shooter training, either indoors or outdoors.
  • Recommended for home use, smaller recreational or training rinks.
  • Tiles are Sinter Pressed and then machined to exacting standards.
  • Sinter Pressed sheets are far more durable than extruded material and will deliver superior performance over the life of the product.
  • Sinter pressing de-stresses the material which stops it from curling at the edges. This process also minimizes the amount of shavings from skate blades!
  • Best of all, the tile has both infused silicone glide plus dry slip additives which combined with the raw material result in the longest life, and the highest overall performance panel on the market today.
  • No glide enhancer required!
  • The professional series material used makes this product 20%-30% faster than other well known brands for the entire life of the panel.

Unpack your xSynthetic Ice™ xGlide8 onto a smooth rigid flooring area. Arrange the puzzle pattern edges as precisely as possible with the crease in the proper position and simply snap them in place by utilizing a rubber mallet. Now you're ready to take your training to the next level through a superior training experience!

Product to be used on smooth, level surface such as concrete or wooden sub-floor. Ideal for both at-home and small commercial surfaces such as hockey development or figure skating practice surfaces.

Interlocks with our previous GS8 and SS8 xSynthetic Ice™ tiles.

Typically ships in 6 - 8 weeks
Product Weight:
18 lbs per tile (216 lbs total)
Yes. Add xGlide8 xSynthetic Ice tiles from
UV Protected (Synthetic Ice):
Life Expectancy:
Glide Infused (Synthetic Ice):
Yes, throughout the entire thickness of material.
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Returning or Exchanging any products must be completed within 30-days of original shipping date. All items must be in NEW and UNUSED condition, in the original box and packaging. Shipping is not included.
Manufacturer home warranty: Lifetime replacement due to defects or premature wear. Manufacturer commercial warranty: Five (5) year replacement due to defects or premature wear.