• Solid Red Line with Blue Face-off Dot - xSynthetic Ice
  • Solid Red Line with Blue Face-off Dot - xSynthetic Ice
  • Solid Red Line with Blue Face-off Dot - xSynthetic Ice
  • Solid Red Line with Blue Face-off Dot - xSynthetic Ice
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Solid Red Line with Blue Face-off Dot - xSynthetic Ice

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This tile features an "H-Lock" connection that will connect directly to our xSynthetic Ice™ GH-15 and GL-18 models to give you a red line with a blue face-off dot to complete that authentic rink look!

Your choice of:
  • 1 meter tile xSynthetic Ice™ Solid Red Line with Blue Face-off Dot.
  • GH-15 and GL-18 Panels.
  • Allows you to skate anywhere using real skates on the highest quality synthetic ice available.
  • Ideal for improving hockey skating, passing, shooting, goaltending skills or just leisure skating.
  • Can be used for hockey, figure skating or recreational purposes.
  • Utilizes an "H-Lock" connection system which is placed between two precision cut panels in order to hold joints tight both vertically and horizontally. Tested to 3500 lbs!
  • Can be installed either indoors or outdoors.
  • Tiles are Sinter Pressed and then machined to exacting standards. Sinter Pressed sheets are far more durable than extruded material and will not only last longer, but they will delivery superior performance over the long term!
  • Sinter Pressed de-stresses the material which stops it from curling at the ends. Also, it will minimize the amount of shavings from skate blades!
  • Additional panels can always be added in the future to expand the area.
  • Goalie crease, blue line, red line, center dot, or goal line are available upon request.
  • Best of all, the tile has both infused silicone glide plus dry slip additives which combined with the raw material result in the longest life, and the highest overall performance panel on the market today! No glide enhancer required!
  • The professional series material used makes this product 20%-30% faster than other well-known brands for the entire life of the panel.
  • This "heavy duty" commercial panel is ideal for large surface construction intended for high traffic and can withstand significant forces due to directional weight, severe climate or temperature change.
  • This product is well suited to both high traffic recreational use and competitive uses.
  • Rinks using these panels can be customized to include solid, connected lines and markings for hockey games including NHL or IIHF creases.
Typically ships in 6 - 8 weeks
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