• Senaptec Quad Strobe Glasses
  • Senaptec Quad Strobe Glasses
  • Senaptec Quad Strobe Glasses
  • Senaptec Quad Strobe Glasses
  • Senaptec Quad Strobe Glasses
  • Senaptec Quad Strobe Glasses
  • Senaptec Quad Strobe Glasses
  • Senaptec Quad Strobe Glasses
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Senaptec Quad Strobe Glasses

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The Senaptec Quad Strobe is designed to train the connections between an individual's eyes, brain, and body. Each lens is segmented into quadrants and each segment independently is controlled for precise customization.

  • Designed to train the connections between your eyes, brain, and body.
  • Adjustable difficulty level.
  • Can be integrated into existing training drills and exercises.
  • Adjustable strap will provide you with a comfortable fit.
  • One pair of Senaptec Quad Strobe Glasses.

The Senaptec Strobe was designed to empower individuals with tools that improve brain health and performance. While vision, awareness, mental processing, perception, and other mental skills were long thought to be more or less fixed traits, determined at birth and not particularly malleable, scientific research shows that these skills can be sharpened and honed. From high-level athletes seeking the edge that will allow them to succeed more often, to young athletes looking to optimize and maximize their training and skill at their sport. From military and police forces where acute visual processing and sensorimotor skills can be the difference between a mission failed and completed, to medical rehabilitation techniques which can greatly improve the quality of life of those previously resigned to suffering. The new Senaptec Quad Strobes offer all the capabilities of the regular unit and much more, significantly improving the precision in applications. In this new version, each lens in the Senaptec Quad Strobe eye-wear is segmented into quadrants. From the eye-wear or using the Senaptec Strobe App, the user can activate each region independently and customize the occluding patterns desired, an incredible breakthrough that further enhances strobe eye-wear capability and uses. For example, with the Senaptec Quad Strobes, you can block the medial visual field and Strobe your peripheral vision. Or consider a hockey player or basketball player who needs to keep their eyes up. The segmented lenses can be easily programmed to consistently block the lower field of view while strobing the upper region.

  • Lenses are segmented into quadrants which are independently controlled for precise customization.
  • Curved liquid crystal lenses for a full 180 degree field of view.
  • Adjustable monocular and binocular modes.
  • Easy to read OLED display to show leve, mode, and battery life.
  • Designed to keep moisture out.
  • Adjustable difficulty level.
  • Easy to operate with 2 buttons to adjust modes and difficulty level.
  • The most opaque flickering lens available - great for outdoor use.
  • Rechargeable integrated battery via USB.
  • Elastic strap to keep eyewear right on head during movement.
  • Attractive aesthetic design.
  • Customizable with the free mobile app for both iOS and Android.
  • Sport may come down to an inch or a fraction of second. A split second can be the difference between gold and missing the podium. Senaptec tools can provide the edge for athletes to perform more consistently and at a higher level.
  • For tactical and combat athletes, the stakes are much higher, therefore every split second to sense, process, and initiate movement is critical. With Senaptec's expertise, our goal to help ready and optimize warfighter operations.
  • Brain injury concerns in both sport and military have brought more attention to visual and sensorimotor skills. With Senaptec's expertise and out customers' interests, we will continue to contribute to solving the problem of degraded brain health.

Enhancing Ice Hockey Skills

Recent research has suggested that a new sport training tool may enhance vision, attention, and response timing. The tool, stroboscopic eye-wear, includes lenses that alternate between transparent and opaque states to produce stroboscopic visual conditions. Previous research has demonstrated that stroboscopic training can improve visual abilities, but can stroboscopic training affect sport performance directly? The current pilot study explored this question by assessing athletic skill in professional ice hockey players.

Participants trained either with stroboscopic eye-wear (strobe group) or with no eye-wear (control group). The strobe group averaged an 18% improvement in on-ice skill performance from pre-training to post-training, whereas the control group's performance did not improve. The current results demonstrate improvement in the athletic skill of professional athletes with training that added one new component - wearing stroboscopic eye-wear - to their normal routines.

-Stephen R. Mitroff, PhD; Peter Friesen, BSc, PT, PE, PGDPE, BEd, LAT, CAT(c), CMT, CSCS, PES, SCS; Doug Bennett, MA, ATC, PES, CSCS; Herb Yoo, MS; and Alan W. Reichow, OD, MEd, FAAO.

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