• Manual Skate Sharpener PLAYER
  • Manual Skate Sharpener PLAYER
  • Manual Skate Sharpener PLAYER
  • Manual Skate Sharpener PLAYER
Edge Again XHP Number: Edge-Again-Man-Player

Manual Skate Sharpener PLAYER

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The Edge Again Manual Skate Sharpener PLAYER sharpens and repairs all player skate edges and is simple and easy to use on the fly.

  • One Black Player Edge Again Holder.
  • One Diamond Coated Player Tusk.
  • Note: Some manufacturer's of high end goalie skates now use player blades which are thinner. If your blades are 3mm instead of 4mm then you can use our player model.

The Player Manual Kit includes the portable Edge Again sharpening device that repairs and restores skate blades between professional sharpening services. Canadian-made and using proven technology, the Player unit is specially designed for 3mm hockey skate blades. The patented diamond coated tusk has been made to work on any hollow and without damaging the blade. This kit has everything you need to give your skates a freshly sharpened edge on the fly.

The Edge Again Player Skate Sharpener follows the contour of the original sharpening that the blade currently utilizes. For example, if it was sharpened at 1/2 inch then it will bring the edge back up to 1/2 inch and vice versa for the 3/4 inch and 7/8 inch. This provides the player with the same edge previously used for a quick and easy fix.

  • The four sided patented diamond coated Tusk automatically aligns itself on the skate blade.
  • Simultaneously micro-files four sides of the blade to repair both inner and outer edges in seconds.
  • Simple and easy to use on the fly.
  • Each tusk can last up to thirty pair of skates depending on the severity of the blade's trauma.
  • Easy and safe snap in and out technology makes replacing the tusks a breeze.

In Toronto we used it during the game in the third period "Twice" & worked great ! Once on Staal & Jokinen around the 10 min mark and they finish the game with no problem. Next night in Ottawa, used it on Picard middle of second ! Finished the period !"
- Wally Tatomir. Head Equipment Manager Carolina Hurricanes, NHL

"We had a couple of opportunities to use the unit during tonight’s game and were impressed with the results. Our leading scorer was able to play 18 minutes of the second period with significant trauma to his left skate without showing any signs of a problem. In fact he was in on 3 goals and no one would have ever known that he had stepped on something. The unit also allowed 1 of our top defencemen to play roughly the last 8 minutes of the first period on a damaged blade again without incident. The most impressive part of all this is the fact that each skater did not experience the over sharpeness that sometimes occurs with other products. The burr was removed and each player could continue to play until we had an opportunity to sharpen the skates between periods." We are believers and will continue to carry this unit to every bench of every arena that we play in."
Thanks for providing this. - Craig Belfer, Athletic Therapist / Equipment Manager Kingston Frontenacs, OHL

I used it a number of times at the world under 18s with Team Canada and had great feedback from the players. I really like the design and its so easy to use in a pinch. It saved me from having to do skates during the game more than once and by the end of the tournament, players would ask me to just run the edgeagain for a touch up instead of sharpening. It also received a lot of interest from curious onlookers who also were very impressed. The fact that it can have some side to side "play" while using it without ruining the edge is a big upside for me. I find with other stones and products of the like, if you slip, it can damage the edge whereas the edgeagain will not ... Thanks again for this product and I will certainly show it to everyone. I plan on taking it to our equipment manager meetings at the draft to share with everyone.
Thanks again!" - Ian Cox, Equipment Manager Halifax Mooseheads Hockey Club