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Gretzky Floor Hockey & Floorball Sticks

Develop your HOCKEY SKILLS with the GRETZKY Floor Hockey & Floorball Stick!  Only available at xHockeyProducts™

The Gretzky Floor Hockey & Floorball Sticks is a skills training product to help you develop hands like the GREAT ONE!

The xHockeyProducts's™ team is honored to be the official retailer for all Gretzky Floor Hockey off-Ice skills sticks. The Gretzky stick is a superior hockey training tool. The stick shaft is made of 100% composite fiberglass which allows for superior flex, strength, durability, and feel.  With either the Double Grip System or the T-3 Wrap Grip (depending on the model) combined with the xBlade™, the Gretzky Floor Hockey & Floorball Stick is an exceptional training tool designed specifically for hockey skills development!


Introducing the GRETZKY Floor Hockey & Floor Ball Stick


Gretzky 98cm Stick

This stick is ideal for hockey players between the height of 5’5” - 6’2” (165-188 cm)

View the Gretzky 98cm Stick

Gretzky 87cm Stick

This stick is ideal for hockey players between the height of 4’7” - 5’7” (140-170 cm)

View the Gretzky 87cm Stick

Gretzky 75cm Stick

This stick is ideal for hockey players between the height of 4’0” - 4’9” (122-145 cm)

View the Gretzky 75cm Stick

Custom Designed To Improve Hockey Skills



The xBlade™is the most versatile blade on the market. Designed and molded to be used by all skill levels, the xBlade™ enables maximum power delivery.  Through its engineered smaller cavities, the xBlade provides players with enhanced ball control, stickhandling development, and passing precision. All Gretzky Sticks have specifically been designed for use with a premium xBlade™.

Premium Grip Systems

Each Gretzky Stick is wrapped using the finest quality of grip materials.

The Double Grip Systemis only available on the Gretzky 101cm and 98cm sticks. Double Grip System means that the top grip is wrapped using our high-quality T-3 GRIP wrap (which may be easily changed), and the lower part is wrapped using a smooth tacky ONE PIECE GRIP for the best possible feel.

The T3 GRIP comes standard on all Gretzky stick models.  This top-quality grip utilizes a pattern that enhances friction and breathability. This grip also utilizes the innovative T-3 coating to ensure the best possible grip available on the market.

The WRAP GRIP, which is found only on the GHS 87cm and 75cm sticks, also utilizes the innovative T-3 Grip coating treatment to ensure the best possible grip to enhance feel.

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The Great One

xHockeyProducts™ is proud to partner with the Gretzky family (led by Ty Gretzky) for their Gretzky Hockey School grass-roots initiative

As NHL players who both had the opportunity to play against Wayne during their careers, Peter and Bryce find it fulfilling to be ambassadors for the sport of hockey and to assist in growing the game.

Sizing Chart

Gretzky Sticks Sizing Chart