• Goalie Vision PRO Package
  • Goalie Vision PRO Package
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Goalie Vision PRO Package

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Our xHockeyProducts Goalie Vision PRO Package will help any goaltender warm-up and get ready for their game. Including reaction balls to help with your glove hand and reaction time, as well as the blocker sleeve to help with your blocker motion, this package will help goalies train their vision and get into game mode.

  • Focuses on products that aid in functional movements and includes key visual training aids.
  • Includes key training items to assist any goaltender with training or warm-ups.
  • Pro Package includes a Blocker Sleeve.
  • One Goalie Reaction Ball.
  • One SKLZ Reaction Ball.
  • One Junior Hockey Vision Puck.
  • One Senior Hockey Vision Puck.
  • One Pro Hockey Vision Puck.
  • One Blocker Sleeve Complete Kit and 4 Hook & Loop Velcro balls, 2 bouncing balls, and a carry bag (choose either Junior or Intermediate/Senior).

The Goalie Vision PRO Package is perfect for any goalie who is looking to train or get into the right mindset before a game. Whether training your focus or warming up before your game, this goalie package includes the essentials.

Goalie Reaction Ball:
  • An ideal pre-game read and react warm-up aid.
  • Perfect for developing hand-eye coordination.
  • Reinforces consistent glove positioning.
  • Low-impact exercise that assist the body and visual system to warm up.
  • Trains reactionary hand-eye movements.
  • Improves an athletes' depth perception.
  • Utilizes our Patented Hockey Vision™ Technology (U.S. Pat. No. 7,357,740).
SKLZ Reaction Ball:
  • Help to develops quick feet, hand-eye coordination and reaction time though rapid change of direction.
  • Six-sided high-bounce rubber design causes the ball to leap and hop randomly.
  • Designed for solo use (or with a friend) on hard surfaces, against walls or in a team setting.
  • Sharpens depth perception while making training fun and effective.
  • Great training tool for all sports.
Blocker Sleeve:
  • The Blocker Sleeve is a simple and effective tool allowing goalies to devote more time to develop their reaction ability and improve their reaction speed. Best of all, due to the Velcro design, you don't have to chase the ball down the hallway!
  • It allows goalies to improve aspects of their game such as spatial awareness, co-ordination, speed and skills.
  • The Blocker Sleeve is a must have for any goalie's development.
Hockey Vision Pucks:
  • Can be used off-ice as well on a synthetic ice plastic surface.
  • Helps improve your visual system.
  • Patented Hockey Vision™ Technology (U.S. Pat. No. 7,357,740).
  • Will help goalies train their:
    • Visual system.
    • Depth perception.
    • Focus.
    • Puck tracking.
    • Reactionary hand-eye coordination movements.
Typically ships in 1 - 2 business days
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