House ALL of your content in one place to not only ENGAGE your players and followers, but also gather valuable data and emails.


xHockey Content Management was created for youth hockey associations, pro teams, and development programs to house all of their training programs, community initiatives, social media content, and video in one place. Create interactive challenges, learning pathways, and workout programs using all of your existing content on a platform where YOU GET THE DATA and YOU GET THE EMAILS . Everything is completely customizable to create the best possible experience for your players and followers within your association or organization.


Engage Your Players


House All of Your Content Under One Site

Bring all of your content, community initiatives, and programs into one interactive site. Create an entire training library or create interactive workout plans, it’s all customized for you!

Make Interactive Content

Use new or old content to create customizable challenges for your players. You can also track player’s progress as they submit the amount of work they put in daily.


Learn the Game from a Former NHL Captain

Use our pre-made challenges and video directly from former NHL Captain Bryce Salvador, as he teaches everything from wrist shots to high level hockey IQ.

Completely Customizable Top to Bottom

In addition to interactive content, sections and pages can house links, blogs, or pathways to associated programs. Build your platform out to fit your needs with the help of our team.

Own Your Data


Own Your Content

Don’t rely on social media algorithms to determine the success of your videos and training. Hockey Content Management allows you to not only control how players interact with your organizations videos, but effectively track it as well.

Grow Your Program


Reach New Players for Your Program

Once set up, your platform will offer valuable training to players outside of your organization for free. Use this to bring in more attention to your program and development methods to grow prospective player lists.

Fundraise for Your Program with Online Ad Space

Hockey Content Management Systems was built with ample online real estate for advertising partners. Link local business’s and relevant advertisers to your site to generate revenue for your program.

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