• EZ Puck Shooting Board Combo - XL  from USA
  • EZ Puck Shooting Board Combo - XL  from USA
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EZ Puck Shooting Board Combo - XL

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The EZPuck One-Timer XL Combo is the ultimate off-ice training system that will help you to develop your passing, receiving a pass, stick handling and shooting skills at home. This is a key training product for any level of player!

  • Develop passing, stick handling and shooting skills anywhere.
  • Includes an easily removeable puck passer.
  • Portable and great for all levels of players.
  • Features an XL roll up shooting pad.
  • One EZ Puck One-Timer Puck Passer.
  • One xHockey XL SHooting Pad (48" x 96", .100" thick).
The EZ Puck One-Timer XL Combo is a great training tool for players of all ages. This package features our largest shooting pad to allow for additional training options, but may still be carried with the conveniently built-in handles. The EZ Puck One-Timer XL Large Combo comes with the tools you need to work on passing, receiving a pass, stickhandling and one-timer shooting, and it rolls up for easy storage.
xHockey XL Shooting Pad:
  • Brings the on-ice feeling of shooting, passing, and stickhandling right to your home.
  • Simulates ice and protects your valuable sticks from the wear of pavement and concrete.
  • Includes a handle for easy transportation.
  • Use indoors or outdoors.
  • Heavy duty surface made of full-thickness plastic construction.
  • Protects your flooring.
  • Rolls up for easy storage.
EZ Puck One-Timer Puck Passer:
  • Turns ANY shooting board, synthetic ice, or real ice into a stick handling, passing, or rebounding training center in 30 seconds or less. 
  • Allows hockey players to train passing, pass receiving or one-timers.
  • Compatible with our xTiles dryland flooring system (see pictures above attached to a single xTile) and all shooting pads!
Usually ships in 1 -2 days
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