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As a special guest of the Haisla Nation CouncilBryan Trottier, will launch the Haisla Nation Recreation’s Inaugural Street Hockey Tournament this August 14 & 15.
This is the first stop for Trottier, a 7-time Stanley Cup Winner and Hall of Famer, who will be traveling to other sites across Canada with the mission of expanding the reach of hockey into First Nation communities.

As part of this initiative, xHockeyProducts was asked to design an exclusive Brian Trotter Hockey Stick that will be given to every kid participating in the event!

xHockeyProducts' owner, Bryce Salvador, even had this to say:

“It was an honor to be asked to manufacture the floor hockey equipment for Bryan’s hockey initiative. Anytime that you can work to expand the reach of the game [of hockey] with alumnus such as Bryan, it’s a privilege.”

And owner Peter Ing added: 

“We began xHockeyProducts with a passion for the great game of hockey and strive to create awareness to grow it from a grassroots level. As players, we do not underestimate our role as ambassadors, and our goal is to help players reach their full potential through education and innovative training aids. Bryan’s Haisla First Nation initiative is a natural fit and we are so happy to see his dream become a reality.”


Trottier’s focus of bringing an inclusive hockey program and character development into every Haisla Nation Community required xHockeyProducts to rethink the modern floor hockey stick. Inspired by his movement, we created the most modernized reliable floor hockey stick on the market, and we want to share it with you.

"No Ice Needed, Play Hockey Anywhere!”

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  • Hockey First Nation: Building the Game with Bryan Trottier  
    Hockey First Nation: Building the Game with Bryan Trottier