xTiles™ Dryland Flooring Tiles

The xTiles™ flooring system is perfect for home use and incorporates eight (8) HUGE 22.25" square tiles that easily snap together with our proprietary puzzle pattern.

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  • These xTiles™ are HUGE and are designed as the base to all off-ice training setups.
  • At just over 22" these are the largest, most durable and quietest hockey flooring tiles in their class.
  • Our proprietary dove-tail (puzzle pattern) design provides the best fit on the market.
  • Install and take apart the xTiles™ without fear of breaking tabs! This is because the xTiles™ are engineered utilizing full-thickness high-quality material that incorporates the attachment points right into the design.
  • Seams virtually disappear.
  • Lowest profile of any off-ice tile on the market.
  • This is the best stickhandling and shooting surface material we've found...period, and the reason we use it in all of the commercial training facilities we've supplied across the world.
  • Ultimate protection for all hockey sticks on the market.
  • Expandable at any time through the purchase of additional boxes of xTiles™.
  • Stackable in any 2' x 2' area.
  • Ultimate portability, durability and wear.
  • Utilizes the highest quality materials to meet our xHockeyProducts™ standard.
  • No cavity-back, the components are full thickness high-density plastic throughout.
  • Built to withstand commercial training facility environments.
  • Made in the USA.


  • One box of eight xTiles™ (Each tile is 22.25" square).


At Fan-tastic Sports™ and xHockeyProducts™ events throughout North America, we're consistently asked if home users can purchase our high-density plastic flooring with proprietary snap-together pattern. Unfortunately, the only option was to purchase full size pro-thickness sheets at a minimum quantity. That is until now...
Introducing the xHockeyProducts™ xTILES™ flooring system. This system is perfect for home use in places like the basement, garage or driveway.
The system incorporates eight (8) 22.25" square xTiles™ that easily snap together with our proprietary puzzle pattern, which easily expands to suit your needs. At Fan-tastic Sports™, we know that space is a premium, so we designed this flooring system to be quickly disassembled and stored in a very small area. This allows you the flexibility to regain space whenever you need it, and/or to transport your system to any location. Made of high-density plastic, this floor is tough!
In addition, xHockeyProducts™ has come out with a line of products specifically designed to quickly connect to your xTILES™ flooring system.
XHockeyProducts lineup available to add:
  • xTILES™ - the flooring system.
  • xDEVIATOR™ MINI - with a floor locking tile option.
  • xTILES™ PASSER - easily attaches to X-TILES flooring.
  • xSAUCER™ - refining saucer passing and accuracy skills.
  • xTILES™ POCKET - for use with xDEVIATOR™, xDEVIATOR™ MINI.
More innovative products from your friends at xHockeyProducts™. Built for players by players!


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