• Ball Hockey Shooting Tarp
  • Ball Hockey Shooting Tarp
  • Ball Hockey Shooting Tarp
  • Ball Hockey Shooting Tarp
  • Ball Hockey Shooting Tarp
  • Ball Hockey Shooting Tarp
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Ball Hockey Shooting Tarp

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The Ball Hockey Shooting Tarp is a perfect for use in the garage, basement or anywhere you wish to develop your ball hockey skills. You may use this both indoors and outdoors to provide target practice while protecting your walls or garage door. 

  • One 8' high by 16' wide Ball Hockey Shooting Tarp.
  • Heads-Up vision training system with a full set of interchangeable colored "X" targets.
  • Integrates with our XHP Vision Trainer App (sold separately on the Apple Store or Google Play stores).
  • xTargeting system assists players to practice shooting accuracy with their head up.

The Ball Hockey Shooting Tarp provides protection for your space and challenges shooters to work on their accuracy while learning to keep their head up.  Of course, the xHockeyProducts team has built-in several innovations such as 7 key scoring areas that contemplate real-world scoring locations.  In addition, you may optionally add our xTargeting™ system which integrates our Heads-Up Vision technology. 

  • Bungee cords (9) included to secure the xTarp in a rolled-up position. 
  • Left, center, and right individual target pockets make it easier to retrieve your street hockey balls.
  • Features a regulation-size goal opening.
  • Also features a life-size goalie with fans and a goal light in the background to give a real-life look.

You may add our Heads-Ups Vision Training System through a set of coloured "X" targets.  These targets may be used on their own or with our XHP VISION TRAINER APP available separately on IOS or GOOGLE PLAY.

  • May be installed into most ceilings, garages, or basements.
  • Align and attach the tarp to the wooden frame or trim over the garage door opening, or wall studs, by using nine wood screws and nine washers (not included) through the openings of EACH OF THE TOP NINE REINFORCED METAL GROMMETS.
  • You may also hang the tarp from hooks you install or use the included bungees and secure the other end of the bungee to your structure.
  • Only use the top grommets for installation. The lower level of grommets are not designed for installation of the Ball Hockey Shooting Tarp.
  • Do not insert a dowel when using this Ball Hockey Shooting Tarp version.
  • Never cut the tarp, simply fold the left and right sides back if it is too wide for your ball hockey area.
  • Always allow enough space between the tarp pocket (fully extended) and the surface behind to ensure balls do not inflict damage.
  • Having the garage door in the open position is always best.
  • and protection first! If the tarp is too close to the surface behind it damage may occur.
  • Please take all precautions and test your setup prior to fully using the Ball Hockey Shooting Tarp.
Typically ships in 1 - 2 business days
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