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Quik FlexxPeg

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The worlds safest Anchorpeg is here . V2 anchoring base with impact Flexx tested top. Designed to dislodge upon player impact & stay anchored while goaltenders are pushing side to side.

  • Stay in place for goaltender movements, yet disloge for player safety.
  • Fit All NHL Regulation Goals.
  • Made of a durable construction.
  • One set (of 2 pegs) Quik FlexxPeg.

As the game of Hockey evolves, goaltenders have to as well. Like never before Goaltenders have incorporated post integration training and RVH movements into their skillset. To further aid in the development of goaltenders there is a New Era of Net Peg Anchoring Systems. The Game Ready Adjustable Anchorpegs are designed to anchor the goal net into the ice while a goaltender slides post to post, allowing goalies to execute post play properly. Anchorpegs are also designed to dislodge upon front impact for player safety.

  • Anchorpegs are lightweight making it easy and affordable for goaltender programs to travel with numerous sets!
  • Fit all NHL regulation goal posts.
  • The anchor tips drill a 1/2 inch hole into the ice while the threads freeze and grip for a solid anchor.
  • At the base of the Anchorpeg there are 2-3/8'' threaded self-tapping "Quik Tips" that drill a hole into the ice at a depth of 1/4'' to 3/4''.
  • Once the Anchorpegs "Quik Tips" are in the ice, the thread fuses to the ice much like when you stick you tongue on a steel pipe on a cold winters day. ( We've all done that before).
  • The "Quik Tip" freezing makes the Anchorpegs solid and secure giving goalies confidence in a"No Net Movement" practice.
Typically ships in 1 - 2 business days
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