• Green Biscuit Country Pucks
  • Green Biscuit Country Pucks
  • Green Biscuit Country Pucks
  • Green Biscuit Country Pucks
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Green Biscuit Country Pucks

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The Green Biscuit Olympic, World Cup, and Country Pucks offer all the same benefits as the standard Green Biscuit but have been re-released with flag designs to commemorate the Tournament.

Compared to a regular puck, which quickly ends up on its edge when attempting to stick handle on pavement or concrete, the Green Biscuit handles beautifully on almost any surface. In fact, the better the surface, the better it will perform!

  • Designed to develop forehand, backhand, one-touch, saucer and drop passing.
  • Slides effortlessly on virtually any rough surface so you can play on driveways, parking lots, streets, basements, tennis courts, etc.
  • Stays flat - won't tumble or flip over.
  • Ideal for perfecting toe-drags, puck control and stickhandling.
  • Plays on the street like a real puck on ice.
  • Perfect for players of all ranges and skill, from beginners to pros.
  • Enables hockey players of all ages to practise their skills whenever and wherever possible.
  • Works perfectly on all plastic flooring like the xTiles to simulate the exact glide and feel of an on-ice puck.
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