• Exel Helix Floorball Stick
  • Exel Helix Floorball Stick
  • Exel Helix Floorball Stick
  • Exel Helix Floorball Stick
  • Exel Helix Floorball Stick
  • Exel Helix Floorball Stick
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Exel Helix Floorball Stick

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The new Exel Helix Floorball Stick features a lightweight TKS shaft (Kick Torsion System) which adds torsional stiffness. The Helix also has the new Air blade, which averages 20% less air resistance than traditional blades. For professional and active players.

  • One Exel Helix Floorball 98cm Stick.

How to size your new stick: see Size Chart in Product images. *Rule of thumb- stick should come to belly button or a few inches higher for best fit.

  • Shaft Length: 98cm
  • Shaft Material: Carbon Graphite
  • Blade Type: Soft Blade - great for ball control and stickhandling
  • Blade Model: Air Blade Soft Blade
  • Blade Shape: Oval
  • Grip: Double Grip
  • Color: Black

Grab a floorball and start having fun immediately! And if your are looking for training aids to incorporate into your Floorball training...our entire xHockeyProducts xDeviator lineup is compatible with all regulation floorballs.

A floorball, floor hockey stick is shorter than an ice hockey stick and has a ventilated concave plastic blade that is flexible to permit a player to handle and control a ball really well. These sticks are significantly lighter and come in various grades of stiffness. As a rule of thumb, the stick should be around the belly button of a player, but no more than a few inches over. This is a fantastic training tool to develop all of your hockey-related skills...and as we say in hockey "Great Hands."

Typically ships in 1 - 2 business days
Stick Material:
Carbon Graphite
Blade Pattern:
Air Blade
Blade Shape:
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